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Project Management and Activities Samples for Students †MyAssignmenth

Question: Talk about the Project Management and Activities. Answer: Presentation Task Managementinvolves various exercises, for example, arranging, planning, hazard the board, controlling and execution of the venture. Venture administrators need to guarantee that all the exercises are finished in the specified time and financial plan (Alotaibi and Mafimisebi, 2016). In any case, the vast majority of them neglect to think about the significance of partners the board and correspondence. A successful correspondence plan incorporates strategies to improve relations with target crowds, making objectives and goals, setting needs and overseeing specialized apparatuses. The point of this paper is to comprehend the current correspondence process in CHD (Community Health Department) and techniques which can be received to improve their partner correspondence. The various partners incorporate clients, workers, government, providers, supports, colleagues, media, network and so forth. Current undertaking correspondence plan CHD has received a cooperative procedure in their task. It will permit them to comprehend their current systems and the prerequisites of the business. Their approach procedure has three sections which comprises of business process investigation, overhauling and characterizing the necessities (Heagney, 2016). It has encouraged CHD to comprehend the necessities of the business and where they stand. In any case, they have neglected to fuse the necessities and desires for various partners gathering. Aside from this, there correspondence plan is inadequate. The venture administrator has recognized all the partners and assembled them. The correspondence strategies and devices have additionally been remembered for the arrangement. The strategies for correspondence incorporate telephonic discussion, meeting, messages and video chatting. Aside from this, the portrayal of correspondence has been remembered for the arrangement which incorporates point by point correspondence, formal and casual correspondence. The current arrangement needs two fundamental targets which are estimation and setting needs. The previous undertaking of CHD fizzled on the grounds that their workers were safe towards new innovation. Moreover, the administration didn't organize them. They ought to have been remembered for the dynamic procedure and they ought to be permitted to advance their assessments. It will help in representative commitment which diminishes obstruction from the workers. Aside from this, their correspondence plan doesn't have any estimation technique. There ought to be a device which can be utilized to survey the aftereffects of every partner gathering and correspondence with them. Estimation of achievement can be utilized to comprehend the nature of relations between various individuals. CHD can utilize interior master which can assist them with identifying this part of correspondence process. There are numerous techniques to guarantees accomplishment of correspondence, for exa mple, positive input, support from partners, purchase in, supports, financing and so on. Then again, negative inputs and analysis shows nonappearance of correspondence. CHD needs to comprehend that they need to modify their correspondence plan as indicated by their requirements. They need to consider numerous angles, for example, culture, financing, world of politics, authority and so forth. Every one of these things are interconnected to one another and they ought to be considered in the correspondence plan. It will improve their data framework and they will have better coordination with different substances. Correlation CHD has built up a correspondence plan which requires numerous changes. A soundproject the board rehearses includes partner correspondence plan. They can embrace this arrangement as indicated by their money related and HR. Correspondence arranging system includes consecutive advances which will permit CHD to structure and actualize methodologies in their task (Richard, Sorooshian and Shariman, 2016). The principle steps of the correspondence plan are: Making correspondence targets and objectives Structuring key messages Setting needs for the intended interest group or partners Making explicit messages for every partner bunch subsequent to distinguishing their necessities Improvement of specialized apparatuses and strategies for each gathering Making financial plans and doling out duties Formation of correspondence schedule (month to month or quarterly premise) Evaluating the outcomes and estimation The previously mentioned advances deal with necessities and desires for every partner gathering. The techniques and strategies for correspondence can be intended for each gathering explicitly (Drouin, Sankaran and Muller, 2016). The principle contrast between the arrangement of CHD and sound correspondence arranging is surveying the outcomes. CHD has not had the option to evaluate their outcomes and they neglected to comprehend the nature of relations they keep up with every individual from the organization. Proposals They can change their current arrangement which incorporates need and estimation techniques. It has been made with the assistance of SMART (Specific, quantifiable, reachable, sensible and timing) process (Badewi, 2016). Partners Need Issues or concerns Key messages Specialized techniques Depiction of explicit correspondence Estimation Representatives (counting associations) 1 Demonstrating data at customary spans Progress of the task, jobs, duties and desires from them. Messages, phone, gatherings. Point by point, formal criticism Temporary workers 3 Insights regarding venture About agreements Messages, phone, gatherings. Criticism support Customer 1 Progress and different issues Progress Messages, phone, gatherings. Itemized, formal Input support The executives 2 Progress, status and different issues Progress, status and different issues Messages, phone, gatherings. Nitty gritty, formal Backing Support 1 Advancement of venture and exercises identified with it Progress Gatherings. Nitty gritty, formal Backing Colleagues 2 Demonstrating data at normal spans Jobs obligations Messages, phone, gatherings. Nitty gritty, formal Backing Providers 3 Materials required About materials required Messages, phone, gatherings. Input support Govt 3 Advantages of the venture Messages, phone, gatherings. Point by point, formal Criticism support Society 2 Advantages of the venture Meetings and ads Less subtleties Input support Media 4 Open wellbeing and upgrades Meetings and commercials Less subtleties Input support The above table comprises of the considerable number of subtleties just as needs. CHD can utilize needs in their dynamic procedure. Aside from this, they can likewise gauge the nature of connection they have with each gathering of partners. They can utilize it to make changes in existing systems which will assist them with establishing better relations with all the individuals from the organization (Banihashemi, Hosseini, Golizadeh and Sankaran, 2017). End It very well may be finished up from the above report that correspondence plan is basic for the accomplishment of the venture. CHD has embraced a viable partner the board plan however they neglected to distinguish their necessities and needs in the business. The systems and strategies for correspondence can be intended for each gathering explicitly. Compelling correspondence plan includes evaluating the outcomes which can be remembered for the arrangement. References Alotaibi, A.B. also, Mafimisebi, O.P., 2016.Project Management Practice: Redefining Theoretical Challenges in the 21st Century. Undertaking Management, 7(1). Badewi, A., 2016. The effect of undertaking the board (PM) and advantages the board (BM) rehearses on venture achievement: Towards building up a task benefits administration system. Worldwide Journal of Project Management, 34(4), pp.761-778. Banihashemi, S., Hosseini, M.R., Golizadeh, H. also, Sankaran, S., 2017. Basic achievement factors (CSFs) for coordination of manageability into development venture the executives rehearses in creating nations. Universal Journal of Project Management. Drouin, N., Sankaran, S. what's more, Muller, R., 2016. The idea of authoritative undertaking the executives and its job as a hierarchical capacity. Sensible Cooperation?. Heagney, J., 2016. Essentials of venture the board. AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn. Richard, H.A., Sorooshian, S. what's more, Shariman, M., 2016. Lean Construction: An Effective Approach for Project Management.

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Just A Mood . . . Or Real Depression Essays - Depression

Only a Mood . . . or on the other hand Real Depression? How Do You Really Feel? Mark off the ones that fit you. Top of Form 1 You feel pitiful a great deal, and it doesn't leave. You feel remorseful; you imagine that you're nothing but bad; you have no certainty. You lose enthusiasm for normal joys like music, sports, companions, or having a great time. More often than not you'd preferably be disregarded. You feel fretful or tired more often than not. You're a relentless partier, continually moving around. You get unreasonable thoughts regarding the incredible things you're going to do...things you never truly could do. Contemplations simply go dashing through your head. You consider demise a ton, or musings about self destruction fly into your head. You appear to enjoy incredibly perilous exercises, as wild and highspeed driving. Base of Form 1 These are the admonition indications of clinical ailments known as sorrow and hyper gloom. To perceive what you ought to do in the event that you have a portion of the notice signs, include the quantity of boxes you checked. You checked both of the last two boxes. In the event that the last two boxes portray your sentiments, you should look for help right away. You checked four boxes. Or then again more than five? You're making some extreme memories and might be experiencing despondency or hyper sorrow. It's significant for you to locate a grown-up you can trust and mention to them what's at the forefront of your thoughts. Give them this leaflet. On the off chance that the main grown-up you converse with can't (or won't) help, discover somebody who will. It's difficult to do, yet significant. You checked three boxes. At the point when you get a possibility, it would be a smart thought to converse with a companion, particularly a grown-up who knows how to hear you out and talk about things. You checked a couple boxes. Prepare to have your mind blown. You're fine. Everyone has a few issues. Sorts of Depression Terrible Mood- - disappointments that are brief. Gentle Depression- - being mooched. You feel awful however can even now appreciate loved ones what's more, anticipate exercises. Situational or Reactive Depression- - You may feel discouraged in light of the fact that you are communicating an ordinary (and solid) trouble about some misfortune, or a significant change in your life. On the off chance that this sort of discouragement keeps going in excess of two or three weeks, it's critical to converse with a clinical expert or a grown-up whose exhortation implies a ton to you. You'll be amazed at how much simply discussing your emotions will assist you with getting over situational wretchedness. Significant Depression- - Major miseries are wholebody sicknesses which influence an individual's eating and dozing designs, just as his/her vitality levels. States of mind and the capacity to think plainly are additionally influenced. These ailments are excruciating and the individual encountering them generally searches for approaches to get away. Regularly the individual pulls back from others. Individuals everything being equal, races, ethnic gatherings and social classes experience the ill effects of wretchedness. For adolescents, indications show up regularly between ages 14 and 18. About 10% of them will encounter some type of significant discouragement sooner or later. The sickness strikes about 15% all things considered. Significant discouragement is a clinical ailment. To fit a clinical conclusion of significant sadness, a individual must have an unmistakably determined group of manifestations and the side effects must have kept going longer than about fourteen days. The ailment might be welcomed on by issues or worry in a individual's life, yet it is established in the science and science of the mind. Some of the time these despondencies appear to fixate on no specific occasion in an individual's life, however they sway all that he/she thinks, says and does. The two fundamental sorts of significant despondency are: Unipolar misery. Side effects incorporate inclination tragic more often than not, persevering sentiments of sadness, trouble with focus, contemplations of death, and low self regard. Hyper despondency. (additionally called bipolar turmoil). Side effects incorporate dashing considerations, affected at this point ridiculous plans and thoughts, feeling high and having less requirement for rest. A hyper or speededup stage will be trailed by a period of sorrow. Insanity and discouragement may then interchange in a cycle. Significant Depression or Situational Depression? It is frequently hard to know the distinction among situational and significant wretchedness. Why? Chiefly on the grounds that the internal enduring related with sadness in adolescents is veiled by direct that grown-ups don't commonly view as burdensome conduct. Indeed in spite of the fact that downturn is commonly an inclination of bitterness or vulnerability, somebody may act furious, confrontational, or even senseless, just to conceal their downturn. An expert can assist youngsters with sifting through side effects of either situational or significant despondency. On the off chance that You Show the Warning Signs of Depressive Illness Be your own closest companion. Consider how

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How to Write a Paper Proposal

How to Write a Paper ProposalAfter you have determined the material you will use in your thesis, it is time to determine how to write a paper proposal. These days, nearly all universities require a presentation draft for theses that do not require a dissertation defense.A dissertation defense takes more than just a well-written and convincing paper to convince a committee of your intellectual worthiness to take on a professorship. By now, most students already realize that if they are to do well at the college level, they must present a very well written thesis as well as make presentations that will garner interest. In most cases, a written presentation is required in order to win admission into a doctoral program.Writing a paper proposal can be tricky. There are many elements involved that go into putting together the presentation, such as research and ideas, theory, and how these relate to one another. The presentation is just a springboard to the hard work that is required to cre ate the paper. It is only through the process of writing and presenting a dissertation that students will learn about different theories and that will help them write a paper proposal that will make them a winning candidate for admission to their chosen college or university.There are many ways to write a paper proposal and some are better than others. When the process of writing a proposal is complete, there are still a number of elements that must be considered before the final paper is created. The first step to follow is to set the format. Once the layout of the document has been decided upon, there is much to be done. If there are additions or amendments that need to be made, there will be other aspects that must be taken care of.One of the best ways to start the process is to decide what topics one would like to cover. Most papers have a basic outline that follows the thesis statement. While the outline will focus on the various ideas that make up the project, one must always put in as much effort into writing a proposal as it would with a thesis statement. Another step in determining how to write a paper proposal is determining the type of paper that will be produced. There are many formats available for this type of document, and each one has its own set of requirements.For example, when it comes to how to write a paper proposal, the format is greatly influenced by the length of the paper. Since a proposal does not involve much in the way of text, one can typically rely on a sectional format. This allows the writer to break up the paper into different sections that all relate to the same topic. Such sections can include key information, goals, areas of research, sample chapters, and even the paper itself.Another factor that must be taken into consideration when writing a paper proposal is how to ensure that the content is correct. Many times, the mistakes one makes in the paper will only be discovered after the paper has been written and submitted to t he university. By simply proofreading the material, there is the possibility of avoiding this problem from occurring.The details of how to write a paper proposal may vary from one institution to the next, but these are the most common steps that are followed. Once all of the steps have been followed, one can relax, knowing that a proposal will be easy to produce with careful planning and preparation.

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Huckleberry Finn Persuasive Essay - 1571 Words

Starting the Conversation â€Å"The difference between the almost-right word and the right word is really a large matter- ‘tis the difference between the lightning bug and lightning.†(Mark Twain). Mark Twain, the author of an extraordinary yet controversial novel; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn had a great way of capturing moments in time and bringing them to life through the use of meaningful and direct diction. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has been a vexed novel for it s a use of the â€Å"N-word†. However, many scholars and associations have devised a â€Å"solution† for this problem such as, completely banning the book, creating sanitized versions, or even replacing the book for another American literature novel. â€Å"What is so wrong†¦show more content†¦It is odd to think that a high school student would pick up the word â€Å"nigger† and use it against another student because high school students have already been exposed to topics such as slavery and racism. Therefore, it would be unlikely for a student to use â€Å"nigger† against another student given the fact that race is still a â€Å"volatile and divisive subject† in this country and high school students is not ignorant infants that can’t distinguish the rights and wrongs about the word â€Å"nigger.† (Williams, Randle). At this point in time teenagers are exposed to excessive profanity through the media, music lyrics on TV and many times it is not censored. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn should be kept in library shelves and schools in its original form because students can receive moral lessons and therefore, mature as human beings. A big part about how a student can react to the novel is how the book is being taught. Teachers should acknowledge the intention and purpose of Mark Twain, which was to appeal to the reader s emotions through the use of specific diction. Along with teaching the literary elements o f the novel the teachers should also imply the ideas and controversies that are being presented in the novel. Twain’s purpose was also to capture the moments that defined the 1800s such as slavery and racism. After all, the novel should be taught in its originalShow MoreRelatedThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1103 Words   |  5 PagesDmitri Van Duine Jr English Mr. Nelson November 27th The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Written by Mark Twain filled his stories with many examples of satire as to convey a message while also writing an interesting story. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn revolves around the adventures of a young boy called Huckleberry Finn, who is about thirteen years old. Tom Sawyer is Huck’s best friend and around the same age as Huck. He is onlyRead More The Final Episode of Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn3016 Words   |  13 PagesThe Great Importance of the Final Episode of Huckleberry Finn      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   One of the things many critics of Huckleberry Finn   just cant seem to understand is the final episode of the novel where Tom returns and sidetracks Huck from his rescue of Jim through a long series of silly, boyish plans based on ideas Tom has picked up from Romantic novels, such as those of Walter Scott.   Critic Stephen Railton dismisses these final chapters as just another version of their RoyalRead MoreHow To Write Literary Analysis4174 Words   |  17 PagesHow To Write Literary Analysis The Literary Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide When you read for pleasure, your only goal is enjoyment. You might find yourself reading to get caught up in an exciting story, to learn about an interesting time or place, or just to pass time. Maybe you’re looking for inspiration, guidance, or a reflection of your own life. There are as many different, valid ways of reading a book as there are books in the world. When you read a work of literature in an English classRead MoreChildrens Literature13219 Words   |  53 Pagesabandoned all pretense of instruction and offered enjoyment for children; any didacticism (which is probably impossible to escape) was decidedly secondary. Furthermore, books such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island (1883) and Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn (1884) jettisoned all moral attitudes which previous writers for children thought proper to maintain (Hunt 2001). As a total liberation from didacticism, these texts broke the rules for children’s writing by blurring traditional rules of rightRead MoreInterpretation of the Text13649 Words   |  55 Pagesliterature differs from other kinds of writing - expressive, persuasive, and expository. Expressive writing aims to articulate the feelings of the writer; persuasive writing seeks co influence the reader; expository writing tries to explain the outer world. By contrast, a work of literature c reates a world of its own which makes no reference to the real world as we normally know it, thus it is not expository writing. Nor is it quite the same as persuasive writing - a work of fiction makes no direct appealRead MoreEssay on Silent Spring - Rachel Carson30092 Words   |  121 Pagesoffprint from Gales For Students Series: Presenting Analysis, Context, and Criticism on Commonly Studied Works: Introduction, Author Biography, Plot Summary, Characters, Themes, Style, Historical Context, Critical Overview, Criticism and Critical Essays, Media Adaptations, Topics for Further Study, Compare Contrast, What Do I Read Next?, For Further Study, and Sources.  ©1998-2002;  ©2002 by Gale. Gale is an imprint of The Gale Group, Inc., a division of Thomson Learning, Inc. Gale and Design ® andRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesprobable good consequences of each action and the probable bad consequences while weighing the positive and negative impact of each consequence. It’s a kind of cost-benefit analysis. Exercises 1. Columbus Day is an American holiday. Write a short essay that weighs the pros and cons and then comes to a decision about whether there should be more or less public celebration (by Americans and their institutions) on Columbus Day, October 12. Here is some relevant background information to reduce your

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The Development Of Software Development - 782 Words

I. Introduction In today’s software development, quality is a significant factor of software projects. Companies always expect that software developers could deliver a product with as many as possible demanded quality. How to allocate those limited resources transparently and effectively during the quality assurance activities and how to balance the risk and quality while software development? Current methods indicate us that we need to mitigate quality risks and emphasize the constraints of limited resources for quality assurance activities simultaneously. Moreover, as the development of software management, the time of which customers could not see their software product until delivering is gone. Nowadays, it is much more emphasis on getting the feedback of stakeholder about the project quality. Therefore, a major issue is how could developers or software project managers reaches an agreement with customers about project functions or features. In order to solve this problem, Alexander Poth and Ali Sunyaev attempt to establishing a method, which allow stakeholder could participate in the selection of functions and features phase. To do this, both project developers and stakeholders would have a confidence of the quality of a project. Due to this attempt, they develop the effective quality management, which focuses on the effectiveness of risk mitigation during project process. II. Related Works Many software quality management methods had been generated and improvedShow MoreRelatedSoftware Development And Its Development1083 Words   |  5 Pageschange is inevitable and software development is no stranger to this, which is where agile development or the term that some use agile software development comes into play. This is a concept that searches for alternatives to the traditional way of managing a project and based on the foundation that change is essential to software development. Throughout this paper, we will look at the reasons that brought about the change in thinking with regard to software development, discuss some of the keyRead MoreSoftware Development : Systems Development1543 Words   |  7 PagesCM20215 – Systems Development CW1 States – proposes, implies, mentions, signifies, hints, suggests, conveys. Develop – acquire, establish, evolve, realize, [3] â€Å"Agile methods are iterative and incremental, each successful development iteration, it delivers the product to the client and so satisfies the customer faster than traditional development†. /**Agile methodologies are a relatively new set of software development approaches created to tackle the issues of traditional methods and increase productivityRead MoreSoftware Development : Systems Development1233 Words   |  5 PagesCM20215 – Systems Development CW1 Intro to Agile [3] â€Å"Agile methods are iterative and incremental, each successful development iteration, it delivers the product to the client and so satisfies the customer faster than traditional development†. Agile methodologies are a relatively new set of software development approaches created to tackle traditional method’s issues and increase productivity and accuracy of software systems produced by a self-organised team of developers. Agile methods increaseRead MoreSoftware Evolution And Software Development1521 Words   |  7 PagesA software project manager is responsible to manage software development, delivery, change control requests, predict software development costs, refactoring of codes, and maintenance costs once software system is deployed. There are four software development activities in the software development processes. Software evolution is one of them. Software evolution is a software development process activity in which the software is modified to reflect changing customer and market requirements. The flexibilityRead MoreSoftware Development : Software Projects1001 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract— agile software development plays a very significant ro le in software projects. Agile software project is a refined approach to design and direct project processes. An agile project is finished in short sections called iterations. This paper introduces a survey of machine learning approaches for predicting failure of agile software projects. It reviews the uses of machine learning techniques such as fuzzy logic, multiple linear regression, neural network, logistic regression and etc., forRead MoreAgile Software Development Model Development1355 Words   |  6 PagesAgile Software Development The way that software is developed has been rapidly evolving over time, going through many iterations, one genre of which is Agile software development. The Agile Manifesto1 was published in 2001, however the ideas behind it have existed and used since the early 1970’s when E. A. Edmonds published a paper that introduced the idea of an adaptive software development process2. Then in the 1990’s there was a rapid evolution of software development processes. This lead toRead MoreSoftware Engineering And Software Development1769 Words   |  8 PagesINTRODUCTION: Software has been part of modern society for more than 50 years. The software process is the foundation for engineering software. Within the context of his book, Pressman defines â€Å"A software process as a framework for the tasks that are required to build high-quality software.† [1]. This paper introduces and discusses some of the Software methodologies and issues. METHODOLOGIES RELATED TO WEBRead MoreWeb Development And Mobile Software Development1617 Words   |  7 PagesAND MOBILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ABSTRACT: Due to the rapid development of technology, there is a rapid development in the case of telecommunications and IT field. Now a days every company is in the race to develop a web application or a mobile app which is user friendly and is more efficient. Many models came into the market and are succeeded but they are in race to develop new apps or new web applications. This paper discuss about the existing methodologies in web software development and mobileRead MoreEssay On Software Development1535 Words   |  7 Pages Before our article gets into the nitty-gritty aspects of learning software development for free at home, lets see some vital information as to why this may be a viable option for your career path to opportunities. That said, our article below covers several aspects of software development that may help you decide as to whether the computer sciences are for you or not: (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) Current industry figures. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) The top fourRead MoreLean Software Development and Enhancing Software Development Projects2048 Words   |  9 PagesLean Software Development and Enhancing Software Development Projects Introduction Lean Software Development is essentially a transformation of lean manufacturing and IT principles and is a branch of agile development framework. The core concept here being eliminating waste. At the same time CMMI is a capability maturity model integration which is a process improvement technique that is used to bring about an improvement in a project, process or the entire organization for that matter. In

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Health And Fitness Criteria For Cardiovascular Diseases

Knowledge 1. The student will be able to recognize values for health and fitness criteria (i.e. categories for blood pressure, dyslipidemia, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, pushup test, curl up test, VO2 max, bench press). 2. The student will memorize the signs and symptoms of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic diseases. Comprehension 1. The student will estimate and calculate heart rate, mean axis deviation, and rhythms from ECG strip. 2. The student will interpret basic principles of 12-lead ECG, fitness assessments, exercise testing, and exercise prescription techniques. Application 1. The student will be able to determine if doctor approval is needed in order to prescribe an exercise program and determine if medical†¦show more content†¦2. The student will prescribe the appropriate fitness test in order to determine the correct assessment of health related fitness components. Evaluation 1. The student will be able to determine the three levels of risk stratification and determine if medical supervision is needed in order to perform a maximal/submaximal test for each level. 2. The student will be able to summarize the overall findings of the case study and compare their results with their classmates. Table of Specifications Objectives Knowledge Comprehension/ Understanding Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation/ Create Total Items #1 5 5 #2 5 5 #3 5 5 #4 5 5 #5 10 10 #6 10 10 #7 5 5 #8 5 5 #9 10 10 #10 10 10 #11 10 10 #12 10 10 Total Items 10 10 20 10 20 20 100 Percentages 10% 10% 20% 10% 20% 20% 100% B. Item Distribution Table Objective Learning Outcome Level Test Item Format Item # #1 Knowledge Multiple Choice 1-5 #1 Knowledge Multiple Choice 6-10 #2 Comprehension Multiple Choice 11-15 #2 Comprehension Multiple Choice 16-20 #3 Application Restricted Response 21-30 #3 Application Restricted Response 31-40 #4 Analysis Free Response 41-45 #4 Analysis Free Response 46-100 #5 Synthesis Free Response 51-60 #5 Synthesis Free Response 61-70 #6 Evaluation Free Response 70-90 #6 Evaluation Free Response 91-100

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Quantifying Construction and Demolition Waste †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Quantifying Construction and Demolition Waste. Answer: Introduction The safe working environment is essential as this ensures the safety of the premises and the people working on the premises. It is the responsibility of the employers or the organizations to create and ensure a safe and healthy working environment. The engineers and the construction workers can create a safe working environment by identifying the potential hazards in terms of the activities at the project site. Therefore, the engineers need conduct risk assessment and identify the hazards in order to avoid them. The government of the countries has certain legal policies and rules that need to be considered by the construction workers to ensure safety in terms of the activities conducted by them at the working site. This report aim towards conducting a detailed risk assessment in terms of the tasks and activities that need to be undertaken and considered while removing the asbestos roof tiles of the buildings of the project. The report also highlights the significance and methods of conducting a risk assessment at a regular interval to ensure and establish the safe working environment. The architecture design of Walka Water Works is presented in the aforementioned diagram. Six different naturally forming fibrous silicate minerals combines to form asbestos. The six fibrous minerals include amosite, anthophyllite, tremolite, actinolite, crocidolite and chrysotile (Wu et al. 2014). However, amosite and chrysotile are found in abundance in asbestos. Asbestos is considered as one of the most toxic materials used in the construction sector for roofing, ceiling materials, cement compounds and roofing shingles. Due to the toxic nature of the material, there is a number of health hazards associated with it. Inhalation of toxic asbestos fibers leads to serious lung diseases. The main diseases caused due to asbestos include: Mesothelioma: Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that generally affects the lungs of the individuals due to long exposure and inhalation of the asbestos fibers. This type of cancer affects the pleura of the lungs and arises from the serosal lining of the chest. Mesothelioma arises from the parietal or visceral pleural thereby, diffusing within the pleural space of the lungs by pleural effusion (Hussain et al. 2012). As a result, the lungs are slowly encased by solid mass. Moreover, the tumor spreads directly to the lungs, mediastinum and cross the diaphragm thereby, including the peritoneum (Calabro et al. 2013). The general symptoms of mesothelioma include breathing trouble, persistent cough, nausea, vomiting, and chest pain and weight loss (Carbone et al. 2012). Asbestos related lung cancer: Asbestos related lung cancer is general lung cancer that I caused due to extensive exposure of individuals to asbestos fibers. Asbestos related lung cancer usually starts in the lining of the bronchi (Andujar et al. 2013). However, cancer can develop in other parts of the respiratory system such as trachea, bronchioles, and alveoli. Due to the toxic materials of the asbestos, lung cancer develops when the construction workers inhale the fibers. As the asbestos fibers are resistant to most of the chemical reactions within the human system, catabolism is difficult of asbestos fibers (Antao, Larson and Horton, 2012). As a result, the fibers are deposited in the lungs thereby, leading to the developing lung cancer. Asbestosis: Exposure to asbestos over several years leads to asbestosis. The disease is also known as diffused pulmonary fibrosis, as this is the result of inhalation of asbestos fibers. As the asbestos fibers are thin, needle-like and microscopic, it enters the lungs very easily (Markowitz et al. 2013). After inhalation, the asbestos fibers lodge in the pleura of the lungs. Because of continuous deposition of asbestos fibers in the lining of the lungs, scarring or fibrosis occurs (Wolff et al. 2015). Continuous deposition leads to the formation of tumor thereby, resulting in asbestosis. Asbestosis is generally diagnosed after 40 50 years of asbestos exposure. Pleural thickening: Pleural thickening generally happens when individuals are exposed to heavy asbestos. With time, the asbestos fibers are deposited on the pleural membrane or outer lining of the lungs thereby, resulting in thickening and swelling of the lungs (Jeebun and Stenton 2012). Due to excessive thickening and swelling of the pleural membrane, the lungs get squeezed. This eventually results in chest pain and shortness of breath (Miller, Warshaw and Nezamis 2013). The use of asbestos declined drastically since 1970 and more than 5000 workers die due to asbestos exposure. The fibers of asbestos are highly fire resistant and durable thereby, making it less vulnerable to the majority of the chemical reactions. Due to properties of asbestos, the materials have been used extensively for commercial and industrial purposes. The heat resistance ability of asbestos along with the strength is the main reasons of an extensive use of the material (Ahmed and Hoa 2012). Risk Assessment RISK ASSESSMENT FOR: Removal of asbestos roofs from Walka Water Works Risk Assessment Assessment conducted by: Date: Due date for 1st review Approval by manager Date: Hazard People vulnerable to risk Adverse impact of the hazard Prevention Effectiveness of the measures Y/N/NA On site Adequate Damage caused due to the release of toxic fibers of asbestos into the atmosphere Workers removing the asbestos roofing Asbestosis mesothelioma, pleural thickening lung cancer Taking appropriate precautions in terms of working attires Maintaining the safety protocols Covering the nose and mouth Wearing gloves Washing of hands Spreading of water on the asbestos sheets in the roof to prevent breakages Proper harness, as the removal of asbestos sheets, is conducted at a height Damage caused by the material containing asbestos releasing fibers into the atmosphere Workers removing the asbestos roofing Asbestosis mesothelioma, pleural thickening lung cancer Spreading of water on the asbestos sheets After removal putting the asbestos sheets slowly in order to prevent breakage Covering the asbestos sheets removed from the roof at a distance. Using wheelbarrows and trolleys to carry the asbestos removed sheets to the dumping area Safe Work Method Statements Procedure (in steps): Possible Hazards: Risk Score Safety Controls: Removing asbestos sheets Getting exposed and working in close contact with the electrical cables Maximum Switching off the entire power system of the building wherever possible a well-trained person needs to conduct the procedure. It is difficult to discontinue or isolate the entire electricity of the building where asbestos is removed. Therefore, the circuits and the electrical lines needs to be identified locally and discontinued by a competent electrician. In case light is required for working, the use of generators and portable lights are suggested (Borys 2012) Removing asbestos sheets Release of asbestos particulates in the atmosphere thereby, affecting all the workers and people present High to Extreme (persisting) ?The use of compressed air to discontinue the electricity, removal of electrical powers and using power tools to remove asbestos sheets is advisable to the workers. ?In order to restrict the spread of asbestos fibers, closing the doors and windows of the buildings is suggested (Holt and Allen 2015) ? Spraying and spreading of water and sealant before removing asbestos sheet is advisable if the asbestos sheets have deteriorated and is fragile with time. The workers removing the asbestos sheet need to prevent breaking the sheets. Additionally, the workers must not drop the asbestos sheet rather keep it on the ground avoiding breakage (Frost 2013). It is necessary for the workers to spread water around the nails that was used for attaching the asbestos sheets. Spreading of water will wet the area around the nail. This will make it easier for the cutters to remove the nails thereby, preventing breakage and spreading of the asbestos sheets. All the materials used for attaching the asbestos sheets such as nails and bolts needs to be disposed as asbestos waste. Suitable PPE needs to be worn by the workers engaged in removing asbestos sheets. In order to ensure safety for the workers, they need to take safety measures that include full disposable suits, gloves, safety goggles and boots along with covering the respiratory track completely. The use of P3 dust filter cartridges is suggested. The PPE needs to be replaced by the workers engaged in removing asbestos sheets by using decontamination facilities. Removing asbestos sheets Release of asbestos particulates in the atmosphere thereby, affecting all the workers and people present High to Extreme (persisting) ? The residues on the floor due to asbestos removal need to be sprayed with eater for wetting it. After wetting the residues, HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) needs to be used that will act as a vacuum. Moreover, the residues collected by the vacuum needs to be put in bags and disposed along with the decontamination of the vacuum parts (Hoshino and Nakamichi 2012). Asbestos sheet removal from the roof The asbestos residues might fall of the ground or on the roof Maximum In order to remove asbestos sheets from the roof, the use of high platforms along with portable scaffolds and scissors are suggested.In case the aforementioned measure is not possible, walkways passage for the workers needs to be laid that is approximately 50 mm wide (Toyokuni 2014). Suitable railings or guard needs to be used around the perimeter of the roof for protection. Safety harness needs to be worn by the workers for ensuring protection according to Australian Standards AS/NZ 1891 Industrial fall arrest systems and devices (Darcey and Feltner 2014) Asbestos sheet removal from the roof Possibility of asbestos sheets falling from roof due to manual handling Average The asbestos sheest needs to removed in such a way that it is not broken. Therefore, in order to prevent breakage, lifting devices such as scaffolds and scissor needs to be used. The asbestos sheet needs to be carefully lowered in the ground with the help of more than one worker. Removal of asbestos sheets on windy days needs to be strictly prohibited. ? Asbestos removal from the site Asbestos particles to the exterior atmosphere where Workers and members of the public may be affected Main priority In order to prevent the damage of the asbestos sheet, a separate place needs to be selected for keeping the asbestos that is removed. For disposal, the asbestos sheets needs to stacked on polythene sheeting and wrapped suitably. The bags containing asbestos needs proper sealing. In order to decontaminate the area where asbestos removal has been conducted, the use of HEPA filter is suggested before leaving the site. The vehicles and site used for asbestos removal needs to be approved by EPA and local authority. The asbestos removal sheets and wastes related to it needs to be put directly put in the dustbins that must be covered by polythene bag, that is, 0.2 mm thick. The bags will be no larger than 1200mm by 900mm (Salazar et al. 2014). Transportation of asbestos materials on site Collisions with pedestrians and the workers on site Main priority The speed of the vehicle transporting asbestos needs to be generally 10 km/hr and needs to be driven maintaining all the traffic rules. It needs to be ensured that barriers and safe access routes for pedestrians and workers supervising pedestrian access routes if heavy equipment is moving in and out of the work site across a pedestrian access point The drivers needs to restrict themselves in engaging in distracting activities such as use of mobile phones, eating and listening to music. Requirements of EPA Measures Undertaken Collection and Storage Asbestos fiber and dust waste According to WHO, the asbestos waste needs to be covered properly to avoid emission (WHO 2015). Moreover, the asbestos waste needs to be stored in bags with specific characteristics that include: The bag should be of heavy duty but low density polyethylene bags with 0.2 mm thick, 0.9 m wide and 1.2 m in length. The waste bags should be tied properly and should not contain more than 25 kg of waste. According to the Australian Standards AS 1319- Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment, the asbestos removal bags should be marked CAUTIOUS ASBESTOS Collection and Storage Any type of asbestos waste If the waste is stored in sealed bags: The bag containing asbestos wastes should be kept in containers that are leak proof. According to the Australian Standard AS 1319- Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment, the bags containing asbestos waste needs to be marked by writing DANGER-ASBESTOS WASTE ONLY-AVOID CREATING DUST. The font size should not be less than 50 mm in size. In order to prevent spillage, the mouth of the container needs to be closely fitted followed by storing the waste in secured area that restricts the entry of unauthorized person. This will help in mitigating the adverse environmental impact. Storage and Collection Stabilized asbestos waste in bonded matrix The asbestos waste stored in the disposal bags needs to water to be sprayed on it. This will prevent the emission of the asbestos dust particles in the air. The asbestos wastes needs to be covered all the time Transportation Any type of asbestos waste The asbestos waste needs o be transported in vehicles that are leak proof. Before leaving the disposal site, the asbestos residues need to be removed properly. Transportation Stabilized asbestos waste in bonded matrix In order to prevent emission of asbestos dust particles, the asbestos wastes needs to be wetted (Paglietti et al. 2012). Disposing Types of asbestos wastes The asbestos waste should be disposed only in authorized lands (Tiwari and Saha 2015). Burial is one of the ways of disposing the asbestos wastes. The asbestos waste should be buried at to a minimum level at the dumping site. Without creating dust emission, the waste must be disposed at the dumping ground. Prior covering the asbestos waste, it should not be compacted. Earthmoving equipment needs to be avoided for asbestos removal. For making roads, the use of these wastes should be prevented. Conclusion In this report, it can be concluded that asbestos is a toxic material that consists of six different types of fibers. The asbestos fibers are thin, needle-like and microscopic due to which the fibers can easily enter the lungs of the workers. Due to long time exposure to asbestos, the workers develop fatal diseases such as pleural thickening, asbestosis, mesothelioma and asbestos related lung cancer. In most of the cases, the diseases due to asbestos exposure are diagnosed after 40-50 years thereby, making the treatment difficult. The early symptoms of asbestos related diseases include chest pain, shortness of a breath and persistent cough and cold. Therefore, in order to remove asbestos or work in presence of asbestos, the worker needs to take appropriate safety measures. This will help the workers to prevent the inhalation of asbestos while working. Safety measures that need to be undertaken while asbestos removal includes avoiding working in presence of heat, covering the nose tightly for preventing inhalation of asbestos fibers along with taking extra caution for preventing breakage of the asbestos sheets while removal. Moreover, In order to prevent breakage of the old asbestos sheets, initially, the workers need to spray water on it. This will make the process of asbestos removal easier. References Ahmed, A.F. and Hoa, S.V., 2012. 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